You animal friends are always welcome

Surrounded by the lush nature of Cape Gargano, the International Camping Village in San Menaio is the ideal destination for the whole family, pets included. The guests can also bring, upon request and for a small fee, their faithful friend, because here all animals, with no size limit, are always welcome. International Camping Village is perfect to spend entire days at sea, on the long, wide beaches of San Menaio, or to leave for nature trails, enjoying the warm atmosphere of Cape Gargano with your pet.

The spacious green areas surrounding the village will allow animals to stay outdoors and their owners to finally spend a pleasant holiday in their company.
Animal access to the beach
Excerpt from Seaside Resorts Ordinance 2013 -Region of Apulia
(Art. 3, Paragraph 1, Letter S)

1. On the seaside areas of the Apulian coast it is ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN: "to walk or keep any type of animal, even with a muzzle and leash, in areas not specifically authorized, equipped and marked, with the exception of recognized rescue dog units, guide dogs for the blind, and only in the hours of closure, of the dogs walked on a leash by seaside surveillance staff. Each municipality may authorize the licensees who request it, to equip with light and easily removable installations, inside the licensed area, special areas for pets (dogs and cats), according to the relevant regulations, adopted by the municipalities, and by the veterinary services of Local Healthcare Units, competent for the area, bearing in mind that such areas should have independent access and identified so as not to cause damage and disturbance to the surrounding user environment. In these areas, the animals must be kept on a leash. The access is in any case allowed only to dogs that show a healthy appearance and they hold a health certification not older than six months. The owner of each licensed area may allow access, within their bathing facility, of small companion animals, complying with sanitation vaccinations provided, under one or more sun umbrellas placed in the back area, that is, in such a position as not to cause a disturbance or inconvenience to other users. Pets must be carried in arms to the umbrella assigned and must always be kept on a leash under the umbrella. The respective owners will still have to ensure the hygienic-sanitary aspect, both for the same animal's protection, thereby comprising the availability in site of the minimum necessities for the subsistence of the same; and as regards the cleaning of the area occupied including the removal of polluting materials. It is understood that the owners of the animals are responsible for the animal's behavior for all legal purposes, as specified by Article 2052 of the Civil Code."
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